Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees

Stone House

May 31, 2022

7:00 P.M.

I.          Call to Order

II.        Roll Call

III.       Approval of Minutes, Regular Meeting, April 25, 2022

IV.       Treasurer’s Report

V.        Approval of Bills

VI.       Public Hearings/Correspondence

A.  S.M. Chamber

B.  SMASH – Request to Close Portion of Clark Ave on 06/05/22

C.  Other

VII.      Public Works

A.  Monthly Report

B.  Operation/Maintenance/Streets Committee Report

C.  Sewer & Water Operations Committee

VIII.     Zoning

IX.       Ordinance Violations

X.        Old Business

A.   Any Additional Results from Letter Regarding Trees

B.  Update on SCADA System

C.   Update on Installation of Benches

D.  Other

XI.        Other Committee Reports

A.  Finance

B.  Park & Special Projects

C.  Public Events & Safety

1) Report from 170th Celebration Meeting

D.  Trees & Sidewalks

E.  Ordinance/Policy

XII.      New Business

A.  Annual Appointments, Set Meeting Place, Dates & Time, Designate Depository

B.  Other

XIII.       Brainstorming

XIV.      Closed Session

XV.       Adjournment

Posted 05/25/22