Scales Mound Redevelopment Project Area

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Veteran’s Park Update -
Did everyone miss the lights on the flags at the Veteran's Park as much as we did? It is amazing that in the short time the flags and lights have been there, it has become something we all expect to see when we round the corner from the north or south. I think we all agree it's good to have the power back on.

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Donations and brick orders are still coming in. To date, we have taken in almost $21,000 and our expenses have been around $14,000. We have orders for 117 bricks and 105 of them are engraved. The two additional stones, one in memory of Tom Williams and the other in memory of Leland Holland have been purchased and will be put in place once the weather allows. We have a donation for one bench and hope to eventually have four. As funds are available, we will put up a sign and add some urns.

Besides bringing you up to date on the status of the project, we believe it is time to encourage you to get your brick order in if you haven't already done so. Remember, a brick can be purchased for anyone who has served in the military – it can be an active military person - you do not have to live or even have lived in Scales Mound to have a brick. We welcome all!! We still have a list of people who have shown an interest but have not yet sent in an order so we would like to give everyone a friendly reminder to do so.

We have launched an "Adopt a Veteran" program which means if you don't have a military person in your family but you want to make the $75.00 donation, you can choose a name from the list of veterans we are sharing with the Scales Mound Post Office. If you are not comfortable choosing a name, you can "draw one of the same names out of the hat" and honor that veteran. We will help you put the information together. The time to lay the bricks will be here before we know it and we would like to have as many engraved bricks as possible to put down. If you want to be assured that your brick will be put down before the rededication ceremony, your order should be in before the end of March. This will allow the engravers time to get them done. Of course this is an ongoing project and bricks can be purchased in the months and years to come but we need to set a temporary deadline for those to be included in the initial installation. The rededication of the park will take place during the Village's 160th Celebration in June. Plans are to hold it directly after the parade.

Our sincere thanks goes out to all who have helped with the project in any way. We have been able to move forward much quicker than we ever imagined. We believe the completed park will be simple in its own way but very remarkable. Thanks again!

Contact Steve Townsend at 815/845-2240 for more information.

2010 Census Data Reviewed
2010 Census Data shows the Village of Scales Mound lost 25 residents since the 2000 Census and now have 376 residents. But That Can't Be Right!! We did extensive research that shows our true count is 413.
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Census data shows our total number of housing units at 183 (154 occupied and 29 vacant). Thirty seven people may not seem like a lot, however, in a Village the size of Scales Mound, it could have a huge im-pact. The Census is all about providing the government with key demographic data so that it can understand the nature of our communities better. Billions of dollars worth of federal/state/local funding (YOUR tax dollars) will be allocated on the basis of the census.

For Scales Mound, inaccurate information could mean the loss or decrease in school funding, infrastructure dollars and more. At a time when states and counties already face severe cutbacks in public funding, an accurate as possible census is even more essential. The next time the census rolls around, do yourself and your commu-nity some good; fill out the census form as timely and as accurately as possible.

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