Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees

Stone House

May 28, 2024

7:00 P.M.

The Regular Meeting of the President and Board of Trustees was called to order at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, May 28, 2024.  Members present were Nicole Winter, Ruth Foley, Scott Ohms, Kristy Schueller, Garrett Hillary, Janet Werner, and John Duerr. Village Clerk Deven Morgensen, Ron Duerr, Dave Fosler, Margaret Townsend, Steve Townsend, Jerry Edwards, Marissa Marquith and Zach Winter were also present.

Foley moved, Hillary seconded that the minutes of the Regular Meeting April 29, 2024, Special Meeting May 6, 2024, Finance Committee Meeting May 6, 2024, and Street/Maintenance Committee Meeting May 15, 2024, be approved as read.  All voted aye.

Schueller motioned; Foley seconded to approve the appointment of Marissa Marquith as the Village Treasurer. On roll call vote, all voted aye. Marissa Marquith was appointed and sworn in as the new Village Treasurer by President Winter.

The Treasurer’s Report was reviewed. Foley moved; Werner seconded to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented and to place it on file.  On roll call vote, all voted aye.

The matured Certificate of Deposit (CD) expiring in May was discussed. Foley motioned; Werner seconded that on 06/08/2024, the CD funds be used to pay off the loan from the property purchase. On roll call vote, all voted aye.

The monthly bills were reviewed. The board discussed the tree removal bill received from Soppe. President Winter will initiate a conversation with Soppe regarding the bill and request an itemized bill and fee schedule. The board discussed setting billing standards moving forward. The Street and Maintenance committee will meet to determine expectations. Foley moved; Ohms seconded that the May bills be approved for payment. On roll call vote, all voted aye.


  1. A) Citizens Comments 1) Margaret Townsend – Margaret requested new bunting for the Veteran Gazebo and for the cement to reach the road to allow easier access to the memorial. Foley motioned; Duerr seconded to purchase new buntings and add the cement to allow access to the memorial. On roll call vote, all voted aye. 2) Jerry Edwards – Jerry expressed concern regarding the truck route as trucks are not properly using it and there are a significant number of children on Franklin that he fears could be in danger from the semi-truck and tractor usage. 3) Zach Winter – Zach advised that he’d like to ask the board for a meeting to present a request for TIF funds for the Chatterbox. TIF members will not be present at the meeting.
  2. B) S.M. Chamber – None.
  3. C) Contact Us Submissions – The board discussed all contact us submissions. Holy Triny Church reached out regarding their garbage totes as they do not use them and no longer want them and would like to no longer be charged for garbage. Schueller motioned; Hillary seconded to no longer bill Holy Trinty Church for garbage and for Montgomery Trucking to take the totes back. All voted aye.
  4. D) Other – None.


1) None.


  1. A) Monthly Report1) Ron Duerr reported that the SCADA is up and running. The check valves are on order which will detect issues and will allow remote access to correct the issue. Ron reported that when he attempted to turn the water on at the Chatterbox, the handle broke off causing additional resources to be needed.


  1. A) Report – The board discussed the current and potential permits.


  1. A) Addition of Street Mirrors – The street mirrors were received, and Ohms is researching how and where to install them.
  2. B) Water/Sewer/Garbage Rates – The rate change has been advertised and bills have been sent out reflecting the new rates.


  1. A) Street/Maintenance – None.
  2. B) Sewer/Water – None.
  3. C) Finance – None.
  4. D) Park & Special Projects – None.
  5. E) Public Events & Safety – None.
  6. F) Trees & Sidewalks – None.
  7. G) Ordinance/Policy – None.
  8. H) Development – The development committee met to hear the proposal from Origin and shared some facts with the whole board. The board will review both the Origin and Fehr Graham proposals to determine which proposal to proceed with.


  1. A) Approval of Special Liquor License – Scales Mound Recreation Association – Music in the Park ­­– Werner motioned; Duerr seconded to approve the liquor license for Music in the Park. All voted aye.
  2. B) Other – None

BRAINSTORMING – 1) Foley requested photos from the most recent storm for her migration meetings regarding FEMA funding.

CLOSED SESSION – Schueller motioned; Ohms seconded to move into closed session at 8:21. All voted aye. Foley motioned; Duerr seconded to move out of closed session at 8:41. All voted aye. The Village Board did not take any action as a result of the closed session.

ADJOURNMENTDuerr moved; Werner seconded that the Meeting be adjourned at 8:42. All voted aye.

These Minutes were prepared by Village Clerk, Deven Morgensen.

These Minutes are subject to approval at the next Regular Board Meeting. Minutes are also available online at