Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees

Zoom Video Conferencing

December 28, 2020

7:00 P.M.

NOTE:  Due to recent COVID 19 developments, this will be a remote (Zoom) meeting.  The meeting ID

is 780 0439 2671 and Passcode is WW8CeF

I.          Call to Order

II.         Roll Call

III.        Approval of Minutes, Regular Meeting November 30, 2020

IV.         Treasurer’s Report

V.          Approval of Bills

VI.         Public Hearings/Correspondence

A. S.M. Chamber

B. Letter from Susan Jeske with a copy of The Watchtower

C. Christmas Greetings

D. Other

VII.      Public Works

A. Monthly Report

B. Operations/Maintenance/Streets Committee Report

C. Sewer & Water Operations Committee Report

VIII.         Zoning Report

IX.          Ordinance Violations

X.          Old Business

A. Information on Grants – Foley

B. Update on Internet Availability

C. Action on Resolution of Adoption of Jo Daviess County Multi-Jurisdictional  All Hazards Mitigation Plan

D. 2021 Consolidated Election – Update

1) 1 Person Filed

2) Options are Write in Candidates or Appointments after Election

E. Other

XI.          Other Committee Reports

A. Finance

B.  Park & Special Projects

C. Public Events & Safety

D. Trees & Sidewalks

E. Ordinance/Policy

F. Stone House Committee Pro Tem

1) Update on Construction

G. TIF/Subdivision Committee Pro Tem

XII.          New Business

A. New Pages for Policy Books

B. Other

XIII.         Brainstorming

XIV.         Closed Session

XV.          Adjournment

Posted 12/23/2020