Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees

Stone House

September 27, 2021

7:00 P.M.

The Regular Meeting of the President and Board of Trustees was called to order at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, September 27, 2021 by President Davis.  Members present were Nicole Busch, John Duerr, Ruth Foley, Bernard Trebian and Janet Werner.  Also present were Steve Stadel, Village Treasurer, Margaret Townsend, Village Clerk, Ron Duerr, Brandon Behlke and Brett Temperly of Arrow Solar.

Werner moved, Foley seconded that the Minutes of the August 30, 2021 Regular Meeting be approved as read.  All voted aye.

The Treasurer’s Report was reviewed.  Duerr moved, Busch seconded to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented and to place it on file.  All voted aye.

The September bills were reviewed.  Foley moved, Trebian seconded that the September bills with the addition of Shari Hillary’s bill for cleaning the Stone House be approved for payment.  On roll call vote, all voted aye.


A) S. M. Chamber – Steve Stadel discussed with the Board the fact that to date he has provided UPS pick up and drop off at his office and is now considering stopping that service at his location. He suggested that one option to replace the service he offered would be that as both UPS and FedEx have drop boxes available, perhaps the Village might consider placing one or both somewhere centrally located as a convenience to residents; or, maybe some other Chamber business might be interested in providing the service. He thought it was something for the Board to consider.

B) Other – At this time President Davis asked Brett Temperly of Arrow Solar if he would like to address the Board. Temperly asked if it is a “strict no” on placing ground mount solar in the Village. Davis stated the Board had been approached a couple of months ago with the same proposition of ground mount solar and at that time they looked at the Policy and agreed not to change it.  The Policy does not allow ground mount solar within the Village.

Board Member Nathan Wills entered the meeting at this time.


A) Monthly Report – Discussion was held on the output of the new street lights. Davis stated that the lights shine straight down instead of spreading out like the old ones did so as to keep within the guidelines of the “dark skies” theory being observed throughout parts of the country. It was stated that the area along Germain and Provost Avenues and part of Clark Avenue seems especially dark. Concerns with children walking in those areas after evening school functions were expressed.  President Davis will contact ComEd and see if additional lights could be placed in those areas for the safety of those walking along those streets.

B) Operation/Maintenance/Streets Committee Report – No Report

C) Sewer & Water Operations Committee Report – Nicole Busch presented a letter the city of Galena had sent out to residents which was a survey regarding the type of service lines people had for

Minutes – Regular Meeting, September 27, 2021 – Page 2

sewer and water.   She wondered if Scales Mound needed to look into something like that.  Davis stated there shouldn’t be any lead service lines in Scales Mound.  He also stated that in regard to sewer and water, the Board is required by ordinance to look at accounts and rates periodically and should do so this winter.


Davis presented an application and fees from Benjamin Dowell for a garage addition and a new building.  The application was approved by Joe Lee, Zoning Administrator.



A) Update on Administrative Law Ordinance – Davis reported that he has received the Ordinances from Terry Kurt and he and Clerk Townsend did a quick review of them. Now he has thoroughly gone through them and has marked areas where he thought changes needed to be made and has forwarded them back to Attorney Kurt. Once he gets the updated ones back, he will get them out to the Board and to others who have asked for copies.  Plans are to have them ready to be acted on at the October Regular Board Meeting.

B) Community Fitness Center Update – Nicole Busch – Nicole stated the Community will have a chance to look the Fitness Center over during the Public Open House. They plan to have the key card system installed and working next week, school personnel are still working on schedules and fees, SMASH has donated weight benches; and, they are still open for suggestions for needs and wants as far as equipment goes. The Center is more secure now so the public will have access at times students are not there.

C) American Rescue Plan Funding Discussion – No further discussion at this time.

D) Update on SCADA System – Fehr-Graham will be working on getting the equipment and software.

E) Update on Internet Installation – Ron Duerr reported the install is going good. They will be bringing in a crew to go door to door regarding installation and choice of service. There is no installation fee if it is done during this phase.  They expect to have it all installed “before the snow flies”, and, they are just about ready to start on the north side of the railroad tracks.

F) SMFPD Donation Request – Clerk Townsend reported she found that the Village has not donated to this type of a request in the past as it would be one taxing body donating taxpayer monies to another.

G) Other – Nothing


A) Finance – No Report

B) Park & Special Projects – Clerk Townsend reminded the Board that in September 2019, the committee had tabled purchasing 3 benches for the park until spring 2020. A short discussion was held which included information that the Board was open to citizens purchasing a bench as a memorial to someone, just like the tree and flag programs which are in place. The committee will meet to determine what they would like to do.

C) Public Events & Safety – Halloween Trick or Treat – After discussion, the consensus of the Board was to hold Trick or Treat on Sunday, October 31st from 5 to 7 p.m. The Fire Department will be asked to patrol the streets during those hours as they have done in the past.

D) Trees & Sidewalks – Further discussion was held on tree replacement. Blackhawk Hills has a Forestry Management Program. The Board would need to adopt a Tree Ordinance by August 2023.  November 1st is the application deadline.  It was agreed that the Board needs to come up with a policy

Minutes – Regular Meeting, September 27, 2021 – Page 3

with some wording that if the Village plants a tree on someone’s property, that property owner cannot cut the tree down at his/her free will.  It would need to be agreed upon by the Village.  These details need to be worked out.  The consensus of the Board was that it would be in the best interest of the Village to use our own money and have our own rules written into a policy.

E) Ordinance/Policy – No Report

F) Stone House Committee Pro Tem – After discussion, it was agreed to try to put together an Open House for the Stone House addition on Sunday, October 17th to coincide with the Open House at the School. Any Board Member who will be available that day is encouraged to help out.


A) Report on TIF Joint Review Board Meeting 09/22/21 – Davis reported that he, Steve Stadel and Margaret Townsend were those in attendance. Discussion was held on previous TIF projects, possible future TIF projects and future funding of the TIF. Sewer and water mitigation issues were also discussed.  The meeting was adjourned at 1:45 p.m.

B) IMLRMA Coverage Renewal – 4th Year in a Row Renewal Rate Freeze – Clerk Townsend reported that the Village received notice that for the fourth year in a row, IMLRMA has been able to freeze the renewal rate. They also listed in their letter the planned coverage changes for 2022. The renewal information will be mailed out on October 1, 2021.

C) Other – At this time, Board Member Bernie Trebian submitted a letter of resignation effective immediately. Bernie and family have sold their home and are moving out of Scales Mound. Foley moved, Duerr seconded to accept Bernie’s resignation. All voted aye.  The Board thanked Bernie for his 4+ years of service to the Board and wished him well in his new home.




Foley moved, Duerr seconded that the meeting be adjourned at 8:05 p.m.  All voted aye.

These Minutes are subject to approval at the next Regular Board Meeting.  Minutes are also available online at


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