Minutes for November 27, 2017 Meeting


Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees

Stone House

November 27, 2017

7:00 P.M.

The Regular Meeting of the President and Board of Trustees was called to order at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, November 27, 2017 by President Davis.  Members present were Art Morby, Thomas Townsend and Bernard Trebian.  Member John Duerr was absent.   Also present were Steve Stadel, Village Treasurer, Margaret Townsend, Village Clerk, Ron Duerr, Joe Lee and Ruth Foley.  Board Member Shannon Driscoll entered the meeting at 7:08 p.m. and Lindsey Duerr at 7:15 p.m.

T. Townsend moved, Morby seconded that the Minutes of the October 30, 2017 Regular Meeting be approved as read.  All voted aye.

Trebian moved, T. Townsend seconded to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented and to place it on file.  All voted aye.

The November bills were reviewed.  T. Townsend moved, Morby seconded that the bills, with the addition of one in the amount of $60,031.97 to Civil for street repair and one to Joe Lee in the amount of $325.00 for the year for Zoning Administrator services be approved for payment.  On roll call vote, all voted aye.  Davis mentioned that the engineer is withholding an additional $6,000 from the payment to CIVIL for some minor repairs to the street work which did not meet his expectations.  Once the problems are rectified, payment will be made.


A) Ambulance Board – Ruth Foley reported the following: 1) winter maintenance on the building is being completed; 2) there have been 512 ambulance calls in 2017; 3) training is ongoing; 4) protocols are being updated; and, 5) the Ambulance District’s website is being updated.

B) S.M. Chamber – Davis reported the Christmas lights are all up and the annual Chamber/Village Christmas party went well.  The weather was very favorable this year and it was an honor to have Mary Saam and Jim Laity “throw the switch” to light the tree.

C) Correspondence from Chuck Pedersen Regarding Tax Credit Bill for Flood Victims – Clerk Townsend read an email from Chuck Pedersen which relayed information that Governor Rauner, on November 16, 2017  “signed into law today a tax credit worth up to $750.00 for property owners in 18 Illinois counties where flood damages were sustained in July.”  “This creates a natural disaster credit that eligible, affected property owners may apply to their 2017 Illinois income taxes.”  Jo Daviess County is included on the list. Qualified properties include a taxpayer’s principle residence.  “The bill provides that township assessors shall issue eligibility certificates for appropriately requesting property owners, and that assessors shall certify to the IL Dept of Revenue listings of flood-damaged properties.”  Anyone affected should contact their township assessor for more information.

D) Other – Nothing


A) Monthly Report – Ron Duerr reported there was a water main break today on the roadway at Davis Lumber.  Winter Plumbing is repairing it.  A boil order will be issued for those affected.

B) Operation/Maintenance/Streets Committee Report – The street project work is complete except for those minor issues which will be taken care of.

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C) Sewer & Water Operations Committee Report – 1) Discussion of Onsite Tour of Facilities – the committee toured the operating systems on November 8th.  The systems, their pitfalls, the condition of each and improvements needed on Well House 2 and the Blower Building were discussed. The electrical upgrades needed at the Blower Building were also looked at.

ZONING REPORT – Joe Lee presented building permits and fees from Stewart VanRaalte for an addition to a shed and Bret Hesselbacher for a garage.  He will work on getting a permit from Jeff Bader for a building already built after the first of next month.

POLICE REPORT – Darin Oberhart was unable to attend the meeting.  It was reported that a letter was sent to Ron Staver in regard to the cleanup of construction debris on his property at 106 Schuyler Avenue.  The cleanup is in process.


A) Purchase of SMFPD Polaris 6×6 – The utility vehicle which had been previously offered to the Village has now become available for purchase.  It was purchased and did come with a pump which can be used to spray weeds, etc.  The intent is that the daily use of this vehicle for the many short trips and starts and stops made throughout a day will save a lot of wear and tear on the truck.

B) Generator for Stone House – John Duerr has not turned in any additional quotes and Davis stated he has another source from which he will seek information.

C) Other – None


A) Finance – 1) Review Proposed Tax Levy Ordinance – the proposed Levy was discussed.  Action was tabled to New Business on the Agenda.

B) Park & Special Projects – 1) Update on Park Project – Shannon is working with Bridgett Stocks on the details.

C) Public Events & Safety – No Report.

D) Trees & Sidewalks -Davis reported a number of Ash trees in the park have had to be removed because they are affected with the disease from the Emerald Ash Borer.  These trees will be replaced with shade trees.  He also reported he will talk to Jeremy Soppe and get the payment on the sidewalk at the Adami/Ohms residence settled.

E) Policy Committee – No Report

F) Stone House Committee Pro Tem – No Report


A) Action on Tax Levy Ordinance –  T. Townsend moved, L. Duerr seconded to pass and approve the Tax Levy Ordinance for the levy and assessment of taxes for the current fiscal year in the amount of $31,168.80.  On roll call vote, all voted aye.  The ordinance will be posted and filed with the County Clerk as required.

B) Jo Daviess County Contract for Animal Control Services – The contract this year is being offered to the Village at not cost and the requirement that the animal needs to be contained before they will come and pick it up is no longer in effect.  They will take pickup requests only from 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  T.  Townsend moved, Driscoll seconded to enter into the contract with Jo Daviess County Animal Control Department for the period December 1, 2017 through November 30, 2018.  All voted aye.

Minutes – Regular Meeting, November 27, 2017 – Page 3

C) Illinois Bicentennial Flag Raising Ceremony – A Proclamation endorsing the efforts of Illinois Bicentennial and encouraging all citizens to participate and celebrate in the upcoming year was read and signed by President Davis.  It was agreed to host a flag raising ceremony in conjunction with other participating communities on Monday, December 4, 2017 at noon in front of the Stone House.  United Airlines has provided the flags for the events and it is noted that the IL Municipal League is also a significant partner in the 200th Birthday celebration.

D) Consideration of an Ordinance Pertaining to Solicitation – In light of recent instances of solicitation for various causes (electricity providers is one) President Davis asked the Board to consider putting together an ordinance pertaining to Solicitation. The Policy Committee will look at policies from other communities and decide if it is something that would be advantageous to the Village.

E) Christmas Bonuses – Trebian moved, T. Townsend seconded to pay Scales Mound Chamber Bucks as follows:  Ron Duerr – $250.00; Steve Stadel – $200.00; Margaret Townsend – $150.00; Joe Lee, Zoning Administrator – $50.00; Ruth Foley, Ambulance Board Rep. – $50.00; Darin Oberhart – $50.00.  On roll call vote, all voted aye.

F) Other – S.M.H.S. Post Prom Request – Driscoll moved, L. Duerr seconded to donate $100.00 in Scales Mound Chamber Bucks to the Post Prom event.  On roll call vote, all voted aye.


A) Ordinance Violations – Nothing

B) Website – Nothing

C) Brainstorming – 1) Clerk Townsend mentioned that she has been observing the street name signs.  She is suggesting looking into replacing them as many are faded and not in good shape.  It was agreed to have Ron Duerr look into costs.  2) Also mentioned was the lighting on the front of the Stone House. Presently there is none.  Tony Edwards Electric has been contacted in this regard.  3) It was agreed to purchase a rubber stamp with the Village’s name and address.


ADJOURNMENT – T. Townsend moved, Morby seconded that the meeting be adjourned at 8:04 p.m.  All voted aye.

These Minutes are subject to approval at the nest Regular Board Meeting.  Minutes are also available online at www.scalesmound.com


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