Minutes for November 26, 2018 Meeting

Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees
Stone House
November 26, 2018
7:00 P.M.

The Regular Meeting of the President and Board of Trustees was called to order at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, November 26, 2018 by President Davis. Members present were John Duerr, Lindsey Duerr and Bernard Trebian. Members Shannon Driscoll and Art Morby were absent. Also present were Steve Stadel, Village Treasurer, Margaret Townsend, Village Clerk, Ron Duerr, Ruth Foley and Joe Lee.

J. Duerr moved, L. Duerr seconded that the Minutes of the October 29, 2018 Regular Meeting, Open Session be approved for payment. All voted aye. The Closed Session Minutes will be reviewed in Closed Session and then approved in Open Session.

The Treasurer’s Report was reviewed and the delinquent utility bills were briefly discussed. If these are still delinquent in January, shut off notices will be sent. Trebian moved, L. Duerr seconded to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented and to place it on file. All voted aye.

The November bills were reviewed. L. Duerr moved, J. Duerr seconded that the November bills, with the addition of one in the amount of $65.00 to One Formula for postage for shipping samples, be approved for payment. On roll call vote, all voted aye.

A) Ambulance Board – Ruth Foley reported that the meeting is coming up this week. She stated that the Special Use Tax did increase by vote of the County Board and the limit is now 10 cents per hundred, based on the Budget. There are 6 Special Service Districts in the County. These are not affected by the Tax Cap.
B) S.M. Chamber – The annual Christmas Party went well considering the threat of bad weather. The Scales Mound High School Trap Team was chosen to light the tree. Due to a conflict in scheduling, the party was moved to the Methodist Church Hall. This year, as was the tradition for several years, the tree at the corner of Franklin Street and South Avenue (instead of the one at the Park) was lit.
C) Other – None

A) Monthly Report – None
B) Operation/Maintenance/Streets Committee Report – No Report
C) Sewer & Water Operations Committee Report – No Report.

A) Permits, Etc. – Joe Lee presented a permit and fee for Eagle Point Solar for solar panels to be installed on Matt Dittmar’s recently built garage.
B) Steve Stadel – Request for Update on Zoning Issue – Steve stated he is looking for discussion on the suggestion he made to the Board in October regarding a Special Use Permit with a fee and a “sunset” clause in regard to allowing residential use of a business. President Davis explained to him that the matter had been discussed in Closed Session and it is felt that it would not be to the benefit of the Village if it were allowed. He stated once that business designation was lost, it would be too costly to return it from a residential to business classification. Stadel quoted from the Zoning Ordinance regarding “rights commonly enjoyed” referring to the other buildings in the area of his building which

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have residents living on the ground floor area. Davis stated those have that right because they were grandfathered in. No further discussion was held.

Lindsey Duerr stated she would like to discuss the police situation at this time. Options discussed were finding out if the County would be willing to police the Village and if so, what costs would be involved. Another option would be to bring in someone who would be considered an Ordinance Enforcement Officer. It was agreed to place discussion of this matter on the December Agenda which would allow the Board time to think about it and time to investigate the County option.

A) Update on Generator Installation at Stone House – the generator has been placed on the cement pad and we are waiting for LP and electricity to be installed. John Duerr will talk to Jeff Cline regarding the LP and Tony Edwards Electric has been contacted regarding the electricity.
B) 2019 Consolidated Election – Petitions Available – Clerk Townsend reminded the Board that the petitions for the 2019 election can be picked up from her any time and they can be filed with her between December 10 and December 17, 2018. There are three 4 year terms in addition to the Mayor position on the ballot.
C) Other – Nothing

Other Committee Reports
A) Finance – No Report
B) Park & Special Projects – Update on Park Project – Shannon Driscoll emailed a report that stated that the additional lights have been installed, and, Bridgette Stocks of Fehr-Graham will be closing out with the IDNR in the near future.
C) Public Events & Safety – Halloween Party Update – A fair amount of kids showed up at the Town Hall for snacks and prizes. The Committee will take a look at the situation and decide what, if anything, to offer next year. A couple of negatives of having a party on Halloween are that it is usually a school night, and also, additional treats to what the children collect at Trick or Treat and a party at school earlier in the day, are probably not necessary or even desired.
D) Trees & Sidewalks – No Report
E) Policy Committee – No Report
F) Stone House Committee Pro Tem – The Village has received the notice that the funds have been unsuspended and are available to proceed with the project. A meeting will be set with Bridgette of Fehr-Graham to decide final plans for Stone House renovation.

A) Review and Adopt Tax Levy Ordinance – the proposed Levy was reviewed. J. Duerr moved, L. Duerr seconded to pass and approve the Tax Levy Ordinance for the levy and assessment of taxes for the current fiscal year in the amount of $32,166.21. On roll call vote, all voted aye. The ordinance will be posted and filed with the County Clerk as required.

B) Contract with Montgomery Trucking – Discussion of Rates – Davis reported he had been contacted by Montgomery Trucking regarding rates for garbage pickup and recycling. There are a
couple of options for the Board to consider, one being increasing the fee a couple of dollars per
household; the other being to change recycling to every other week. A concern was expressed
regarding the bulk of recycling materials several businesses have. It was agreed to discuss this with those businesses before the December Board Meeting. Action on this matter was tabled to December.

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C) Steve Stadel – Request to discuss Salary of Village Treasurer – Steve addressed the Board in regard to an increase in salary as Village Treasurer. He considers, if everything goes perfectly in a month, he estimates that they spend 8 hours on Village work and he currently receives $250.00 a month. He stated his salary at the Fire House for the same work is $500.00 a month. He also stated he is not opposed to doing more work, like helping with the Appropriation Ordinance and the Tax Levy. Discussion was tabled to Closed Session.

D) Christmas Bonuses – L. Duerr moved, J. Duerr seconded to pay Scales Mound Chamber Bucks as follows: Ron Duerr – $250; Steve Stadel – $200.00; Margaret Townsend – $150.00; Joe Lee, Zoning Administrator – $50.00; Ruth Foley, Ambulance Board Rep. – $50.00. On roll call vote, all voted aye.

E) Other – None

A) Ordinance Violations – 1) Unlicensed Vehicle Remains on Franklin Street – Ron Duerr will speak with Dave at Scales Mound Sinclair regarding a key for this vehicle. If the owner does not remove it immediately, it will be taken to the Village “storage” area. Davis mentioned to Bernard Trebian that not only as a resident of the Village but also as a Village Trustee, his property needs to be brought in compliance with the Nuisance Ordinance. A letter will be sent to Sarah Hesselbacher reminding her to bring her property into compliance with the Nuisance Ordinance.
B) Website – Nothing
C) Brainstorming – Nothing

J. Duerr moved, Trebian seconded to enter into Closed Session at 8:15 p.m. as allowed by Open Meeting Law, Sec. 2( c )1 Personnel (Salaries) and Sec. 2( c )5 Property (possible lease). On roll call vote, all voted aye.
J. Duerr moved, Trebian seconded to return to Open Session at 9:00 p.m. On roll call vote, all voted aye.
Davis called for action as a result of the Closed Session. L. Duerr moved, J. Duerr seconded to accept the Closed Session Minutes from the October 29, 2018 Regular Meeting as corrected. On roll call vote, all voted aye.

Trebian moved, L. Duerr seconded that the meeting be adjourned at 9:05 p.m. All voted aye.

These Minutes are subject to approval at the next Regular Board Meeting. Minutes are also available online at www.scalesmound.com

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