Minutes for April 30, 2018 Meeting


Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees

Stone House

April 30, 2018

7:00 P.M.


The Regular Meeting of the President and Board of Trustees was called to order at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, April 30, 2018 by President Davis.  Members present were Shannon Driscoll, John Duerr, Lindsey Duerr, Art Morby and Bernard Trebian.  Also present were Steve Stadel, Village Treasurer, Margaret Townsend, Village Clerk, Ron Duerr, Ruth Foley, Darin Oberhart, Joe Lee and Attorney Terry Kurt.

Driscoll moved, J. Duerr seconded that the minutes of the March 26, 2018 Regular Meeting and the April 17, 2018 Special Meeting be approved as read.  All voted aye.

Trebian moved, L. Duerr seconded to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented and to place it on file.  All voted aye.

The April bills were reviewed.  J. Duerr moved, Morby seconded that the March bills and the April electric bills received today be approved for payment.  (The April electric bills will be on the May listing of bills.)  On roll call vote, all voted aye.


A) Ambulance Board – Ruth Foley reported the EMR class has started and will end the middle of June. She also responded to a question that yes, Bill Bingham is the interim Coordinator.

B) S.M. Chamber – the next meeting for the Chamber will be Wednesday, May 9th.

C) IMLRMA Notification on 2019 Rates – Clerk Townsend stated she received notice from the Risk Management Association that there will be no increase in the insurance rates for 2019.

D) MediacomAnnual Customer Service Report – a letter was received from Mediacom stating that they, as required by state statue, were enclosing a copy of the annual customer service report which may or may not be specific to our area and may not contain any information directly related to our community.

E) ComEd Notification – Change in Electric Supplier – consensus was that this information does not relate to the Village Electric Supplier but instead pertains to the County Electric Supplier.

F) ComEd Notification of ICC filing regarding Annual Rate Update – Information was received that as a result of the annual ComEd rate update filed with the ICC, the average residential electricity delivery bill could be reduced by about $0.50 per month, starting in January 2019. Also stated in the letter was that ComEd’s schedule for completion of the installation of 4 million smart meters is projected for October 2018 which is 3 years ahead of the original schedule.

G) Other – None


A) Monthly ReportUpdate on Street Name Signs – Ron has not heard back from the County at this time.

B) Operation/Maintenance/Streets Committee Report – Ron reported the information on the street project has been sent to IDOT and upon approval, Fehr Graham will prepare the paperwork and then let the bids.

C) Sewer & Water Operations Committee Report – Ron has been in contact with Fehr Graham and someone will come up to work on blower motors for the ponds and do some inside work in the pump house.

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A) Bader Building Permit – Joe Lee presented a copy of the approved Building Permit and Fee in question, dated January 22, 2018 from Jeff Bader. Also discussed: 1) Shannon Driscoll stated she has tried to obtain several forms from the website but has been unable to find and print them.  Lindsey Duerr volunteered to speak with Craig Raymon to look into and correct that problem.  2) Nathan Wills asked about allowable roofing materials and siding requirements.  He was informed to speak with Joe Lee, Zoning Administrator on the regulations.


Officer Oberhart deferred any comments to the time when Attorney Kurt will address the board.


A) Attorney Terry Kurt/Legal Issues/Questions – Attorney Kurt addressed the Board stating his belief was that he was at the meeting to discuss: 1) the Zoning issue with Steve Stadel’s Apartment Building; 2) the ongoing issue of the Pehl vs. Village legal issues/chicken keeping; and, 3) properties being occupied which are without water and wastewater service.

Animal Control – In court, Judge Ward ruled that the Village needed to send a certified notice to Ms. Pehl before the Ordinance was passed, which they did not do; therefore the case was dismissed as she was not properly notified.  To correct the situation, the Board could send a certified notice to her which would include a copy of the ordinance that the Board intends to pass, inviting her to come to a meeting and allow her to speak regarding the ordinance and her situation.  Then the original Ordinance could be rescinded, a public hearing held regarding the same ordinance under a new number, and then passing the new ordinance.  President Davis stated that there are additional issues in this matter, one being that a building permit was never applied for the structure that is considered to be housing for the chickens.

Properties being occupied which are without water and wastewater service – there are several options the Board has in this situation.  One would be to contact the County Public Health Department as they have the authority to come in, do an inspection, do a report and then give them so much time to get water and wastewater service.  If they don’t cooperate, then the matter would go to the State’s Attorney.  A second option would be for the Village police officer to issue an ordinance violation citation under Village Code.  The third option is that the Board could have Attorney Kurt send a letter citing that section of the Village Code which states they must have water and wastewater service.  At this time, Vernon Wills and several members of his family asked if the Board would verify or itemize the outstanding bill against Wills Garage.  Vernon stated that he feels he has been being overcharged ever since the water was shut off.  Treasurer Stadel stated he will check into the billing since the time he became Treasurer.  Davis stated he is happy Wills’ are willing to work with the Board.  In regard to a second instance of a house without water and wastewater service being occupied, the Board agreed to have Attorney Kurt send a letter informing the owner of the violation.  In this instance, the account is paid current but the water service has been shut off for quite some time.

Stadel Zoning – Attorney Kurt stated he read the Zoning Ordinance in regard to this situation to see if there was the possibility of a Special Use for the building and determined that it is pretty specific that there is not as the intent is to preserve the Business District.  The Ordinance would have to be amended to allow that type of special use to be grandfathered in.  Kurt suggested the Board allow Stadel additional time for him to decide what he is going to do – go to the Zoning Board of Appeals or cease using it as an apartment living space.  Stadel stated he will go before the Zoning Board of Appeals

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and tell them why he thinks it should be a special use or a change.  Attorney Kurt was thanked for coming to the meeting and putting forth his opinions and determinations.

B) Fill Board Vacancy – Lindsey Duerr stated she has the name of someone willing to fill the board vacancy. Davis asked Clerk Townsend to check into residency requirements for an appointee. Further discussion was tabled to the May Regular Board Meeting.

C) Statement of Economic Interest filing date is May 1, 2018 – Clerk Townsend reminded Board Members that they need to file on or before Tuesday, May 1, 2018 to avoid a penalty.

D) Other – None


A) Finance – 1) The Committee was reminded that the Appropriation Ordinance needs to be adopted before the end of the 1st quarter of FY 2018 which will be July 31, 2018. 2) Davis presented a proposed contract for the audit for the year ended April 30, 2018. It was decided to table any action until the May Regular Board Meeting.

B) Park & Special Projects – 1) Update on the Park Project – Driscoll reported the bid from PCI has been accepted, and, the Committee needs to meet with the contractor. It was noted that things are progressing. Clerk Townsend asked Shannon to obtain an insurance certificate from the contractor naming the Village as “additional insured.”

C) Public Events & Safety – The Recreation Association sponsored 165th Birthday Celebration of the Village is scheduled for June 22, 23 and 24th. Davis will see that a copy of the list of events is given to Officer Oberhart who will be present during the celebration hours.

D) Trees & Sidewalks – No Report

E) Policy Committee – 1) Consideration of an Ordinance Pertaining to Solicitation – Nothing new to report.

F) Stone House Committee Pro Tem – Nothing new to report.

G) Subdivision/TIF Committee Pro Tem – 1) Possible Approval of Engineering Costs for Proposed TIF Development – Lindsey Duerr reported that Dan Davis met with the engineers from Fehr Graham and from Dan’s drawings, they are to give a cost of engineering. Davis stated he had spoken with Bridgette Stocks of Fehr Graham and relayed to her that this should be a rough idea on engineering, not real detailed – how much for them to “roughly” look at the proposal and give the Board a “rough” idea. The number everyone is looking for is how much it would cost for the engineers to give some numbers to Dan.  The result would get Dan Davis to the point of deciding if he wants to go ahead with the project.  Hopefully the numbers will be available for the May Regular Board Meeting.


A) Liquor License Renewals – Driscoll moved, Trebian seconded to approve the 4 liquor licenses upon receipt of the fees.

B) Set Date and Time for TIF Joint Review Board Meeting – President Davis asked Clerk Townsend to set a date for the meeting and to distribute the proper paperwork and notices.

Minutes – Regular Meeting, April 30, 2018 – Page 4

C) Annual Appointments, Set Meeting Place, Dates & Time, Designate Depository – President Davis made the following appointments: Village Clerk – Margaret Townsend; Village Treasurer – Steve Stadel; Zoning Administrator – Joe Lee; Ambulance Board Rep. – Ruth Foley; Village Attorney – Terry Kurt.

Committees: (1st name on each is committee chair) Street/Maintenance – John Duerr, Art Morby, Bernard Trebian; Sewer/Water – Art Morby, Bernard Trebian, John Duerr; Finance – John Duerr, Lindsey Duerr, Art Morby; Public Events/Safety – Lindsey Duerr, John Duerr, Shannon Driscoll; Trees/Sidewalks – Bernard Trebian, Shannon Driscoll, TBA (to be announced);  Parks/Special Projects – Shannon Driscoll, Lindsey Duerr, Art Morby; Ordinance/Policy – Lindsey Duerr, John Duerr, Art Morby.

Meeting Time: 7:00 P.M.; Meeting Location: The Stone House, 309 North Avenue, Scales Mound, IL; Meeting Dates: Tuesday, May 29, 2018 (due to Memorial Day Holiday); Monday, June 25. 2018; Monday, July 30, 2018; Monday, August 27, 2018; Monday, September 24, 2018; Monday, October 29, 2018; Monday November 26, 2018; Wednesday, December 26, 2018 (due to Christmas and New Year’s Holidays); Monday, January 28, 2019; Monday February 25, 2019; Monday, March 25, 2019; Monday, April 29, 2019; Tuesday, May 28, 2019 (due to Memorial Day Holiday).

Depository: Apple River State Bank/Scales Mound.  J. Duerr moved, L. Duerr seconded to accept the appointments as listed.  All voted aye.

D) Reminder – May Regular Board Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 29, 2018 – Meeting date was set to Tuesday due to the Memorial Day Holiday.

E) Other – None


A) Ordinance Violations – 1) The question was asked for clarification of which months are designated to have the water service shut off; the answer was January and July. 2) A concern was brought up about a tree which fell into the ditch by the property at 916 Main Street. Joe Lee should be contacted about that.

B) Website – Nothing

C) Brainstorming – Clerk Townsend asked the Board to consider paying for replacement patriotic bunting for the gazebo at the Veteran’s Park. The consensus was to go ahead and replace it and the Board will cover the cost. Townsend also made a suggestion that in regard to Board vacancies, that the Board consider asking anyone interested to submit a letter stating their interest.



J. Duerr moved, L. Duerr seconded that the meeting be adjourned at 9:30 p.m. All voted aye.

These Minutes are subject to approval at the next Regular Board Meeting.  Minutes are also available online at www.scalesmound.com



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