Scales Mound FAQs

Where is Scales Mound anyway?

Scales Mound is located in the northwest corner of Illinois about 2 miles south of the Wisconsin border. We are 11 miles east of Galena just off the Stagecoach Trail.

How many people live in Scales Mound?

As of the last census we have 401 people living in town. This is pretty much the average population for the last 150 years.

How did it get its name?

Scales Mound is named after Samuel Scales a veteran of the Blackhawk Wars who made good in mining. He also raced horses, owned a steam boat and had shares in a dry goods store.

Where and what is Charles Mound?

At 1241 feet above sea level Charles Mound is the highest point in Illinois. It is about 1 mile north and a little east of Scales Mound and is privately owned. It was named after the Charles family who settled at the base of the mound in the 1830’s.

How do the residents make a living?

Most of the residents have jobs out of town at factories in Warren, Galena, Dubuque or Freeport. Quite a few work for the Galena Territory Resort the largest employer in the county. The largest employer in Scales Mound in the school which is the heart of the community. Pre-school through high school are housed in the same building. It has a total enrollment of a little over 300 for the entire school so everyone knows each other.

Are there any businesses in town?

Yes we have 2 gas stations, a car wash, 2 garages, a body shop, a funeral home, hardware store, feed store, grocery store, 2 taverns, an appliance store, insurance agency, cabinet factory, video production firm, lumber yard, beauty shop and a plumber to name a few.