Agenda for June 27, 2016 Meeting





          Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees

                 Stone House

                June 27, 2016

                    7:00 P.M.

I.          Call to Order

II.         Roll Call

III.       Approval of Minutes May 31, 2016 Both Open and Closed Sessions

IV.       Treasurer’s Report                                    

V.        Approval of Bills

VI.       Public Hearings/Correspondence

                        A.  Ambulance Board

                        B.  S.M. Chamber

                        C.  Mediacom Letter – Launching 10 Premium International Channels

                        D.  Invitation to Consider Joining IL Municipal Treasurer’s Association

                        E.  National Association of State Agencies for Surplus Property (NASASP)

                        F.  Other

VII.      Public Works

                        A.  Monthly Report

                        B.  Operation/Maintenance/Streets Committee Report

                                    1) Update on Street Repair Project

                        C.  Sewer & Water Operations Committee Report

VIII.     Zoning Report

IX.       Police Report

X.        Old Business

                        A.  Awarding of Bid for Street Repairs

                        B.  Discussion and Action on Pehl Request Regarding Harboring of Chickens               

                        C.  Annexation of Glasgow Property has been completed

                        D.  Other

XI.       Other Committee Reports

                        A.  Finance

                                    1) Tentative Appropriation Ordinance  

                        B.  Park & Special Projects

                                    1) Update on Park Project       

                        C.  Public Events & Safety

                        D.  Trees & Sidewalks

                        E.  Stone House Committee Pro Tem

XII.      New Business

                        A.  Action on Prevailing Wage Ordinance  

                        B.  Other

XIII.     Monthly Reviews

                        A.  Ordinance Violations

                        B.  Website

                        C.  Brainstorming                                                                      

XIV.    Closed Session

XV.      Adjournment    

                                                                                                Posted 06/24/16